16 May 2019

Record funding rounds and a growing club of unicorns reflect a European venture community that has found its mojo; venture debt in focus; what founders want from lenders

2 May 2019

Pets have become big business for private equity. But as competition for assets ramps up, have some firms bitten off more than they can chew.

18 April

Private equity firms are upping fund sizes as GPs move to fill their boots before the cycle turns.
First-time funds

4 April

The art of securing LP support for emerging managers and why some first-time funds close and others don’t

21 March

Private equity firms are turning to minority transactions in increasing numbers, but landing a non-control deal requires a different approach to pursuing a buyout.

7 March

Nigel Kershaw, the chair of Big Issue Invest, reflects on how impact investing has grown from a financial oddity into a force transforming mainstream markets.
Lewis La Torre

21 February 2019

Catherine Lewis La Torre, the new head of British Patient Capital, lays out her vision for creating a homegrown venture ecosystem

7 February

The management team has become the crucial lever for value creation. Getting the most out of senior portfolio company executives, however, has become more complicated.

24 January

What 2019 holds for private equity: how dealmakers are preparing for an unpredictable year.

10 January

Private equity firms will hope a no-deal Brexit never happens, but GPs need to take steps to protect their interests.
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