France Invest appoints regional delegates

French private equity industry body France Invest has appointed regional delegates.

The delegates, who will together form the organisation’s Regional Action Committee, will represent it in their regions to support its initiatives there and will be a focal point for those involved in private equity activity locally such as private equity firms, advisers, entrepreneurs, politicians and administrators, the organisation said in a statement.

“As 60 per cent of the companies backed by France Invest members have their head offices outside the Ile-de-France, [the Paris area], and 25 per cent of firms that are members of France Invest are located in the regions, France Invest wants to increase its presence and visibility throughout the country,” said president Dominique Gaillard.

Gaillard, Ardian’s executive chair, took up the France Invest presidency in June. One of his key aims for his time in office is to encourage more French family businesses to accept private equity investment, including by France Invest representatives meeting more of them and educating them about private equity, he told Real Deals at the time of his appointment.

The regional delegates appointed to the Regional Action Committee so far are:

  • Bordeaux: Vincent Schifano, president of Galia Gestation
  • Lille: Christophe Deldycke, chair of the management board of Turenne Capital and chair of Nord Capital Partenaires, and Pascal Margerin, managing director of Fonds Régional de Guarante
  • Lyon: Xavier Chappelon, chair of the executive board of FRI Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Gestation (part of the Siparex Group)
  • Marseille: Pierre Grand-Dufay, president of Tertium Management
  • Nantes/Rennes: Henri Guillermit, chair of the management board of Ouest Croissance Gestion
  • Strasbourg: Florence Trinquet Cirilli, president of Capital Grand Est
  • Toulouse: Bruno de Cambiaire, chief executive officer of IXO Private Equity

Deldycke will chair the committee and Chappelon will be its vice president.

France Invest was known as AFIC before a rebranding at the beginning of this year.