7 March 2019



How to secure the organisational benefits of digitalisation; UK M&A ticking over despite Brexit

In conversation with Nigel Kershaw

The chair of Big Issue Invest reflects on how impact investing has grown from a financial oddity into a force transforming mainstream markets

Q&A: Harry Humphreys

ClearySo’s Harry Humphreys discusses rising interest in impact across all investor groups and why investing in impact doesn’t mean compromising on returns

Impact in numbers

Impact investing has experienced rapid growth in recent years, underpinned by interest in mission-related enterprise and steady returns

What millennials want

Bridges Management’s Philip Newborough asks what millennials really care about and what it means for business and investment

Private equity and technology

Real Deals takes a look at five ways technology is impacting how private equity does business

Backing a digital future

Jersey Finance CEO Joe Moynihan explains how Jersey is embracing digitalisation to enhance its own private equity platforms

Cashing in on carve-outs

Superior negotiation skills are helping private equity firms to snap up carve-out deals at attractive prices; Advisory Awards shortlists for the 2019 Private Equity Awards

Judging mega funds

Saranac’s Robert Crowter-Jones assesses the pros and cons of backing giant managers; gender in private equity


CVC deal veteran Meunier to step down; GPs struggle to meet fund commitments; Jain joins Synova


Investment highs; only one AnaCap