1 November 2018



A new Horizon; private equity returns take a tumble; improving LP alignment; Hg’s latest fundraise

Things can only get better

With more and more deals being struck in the Internet of Things space, is it time for private equity to believe the hype?

Reluctant marketeers

Many private equity professionals think digital marketing is not crucial to their business. Think again

Management matters

As a focus on performance in private equity intensifies, management teams are demanding a greater say in how they shape their remuneration

Special situations

A group of dealmakers and advisers discuss what lender attitudes and a consumer downturn mean for the special situations community

MML secures succession

MML founder Rory Brooks hands over to Bal Johal and Ian Wallis

Talking terms

In a recent Real Deals webinar, dealmakers and advisers discussed how fund term negotiations have matured and what all parties need to be aware of to get the best outcome

Covering co-invest

As co-investment becomes more important for LPs, strong personal relationships are becoming more important than ever

Q&A: Joost Knabben, Vistra

What Luxembourg offers GPs during uncertain times; why digital transformation is not a destination

Deals in brief

A round-up of deals from the past few weeks


Piper expands in London; Welsh to lead Marlborough fund finance push


Social media shy; enthusiastic self-promotion