Monday, February 19, 2018

Where Neymar’s €222m transfer ranks among M&A activity

The €222m Paris St Germain has paid Barcelona for Neymar is the 30th largest all-time acquisition of a Brazilian target by a French acquirer.
Australia private equity Uluru

Jetting to Australia? It’s a hard private equity life

The Vulture spoke to a private equity partner about an upcoming trip to Australia to look at potential investments. They were not enthusiastic.
cricket private equity Vulture bat and ball

Real Deals mixes with the England cricket team

The Vulture received a very generous invite from Investec to join a coaching session with the English cricket team at Lords a few days before the Test match against South Africa.
private equity beach time

The private equity partner who prefers working to the beach

Some high-quality time on a Greek beach? Nah, I'd rather talk about private equity fundraising.
Private equity Giovannelli & Associati

Torture and blood: the firm that puts private equity’s dark side on its website

An Italian law firm with a thriving private equity practice has chosen some distinctive images to promote itself online.
Theresa May private equity negotiation

Private equity’s negotiation advice for Theresa May

Private equity can offer a rich abundance of negotiation insights that the UK's prime minister might find useful following the election.
Private equity golf job advert

Wanted: private equity analyst, must play golf

A private equity job advert specifies that applicants' talents must include expertise on the golf course.
private equity brothers Macdougall

Private equity brothers: surely a productive relationship

A private equity firm head and a law firm partner specialising in the asset class are brothers, which must make for interesting family gatherings.
Gresham private equity locust grasshopper logo

The private equity investor with a surprising logo

Gresham House Strategic's emblem is surely a grasshopper and not... a locust?
private equity fundraising plank

“Reinvest in our private equity fund – or walk the plank”

A particularly cutthroat new private equity fundraising tactic might just be worth a try.
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