Monday, August 20, 2018
private equity Christian Hamilton yacht sailing Tenzing

The private equity professional who’s one of the world’s best sailors

Tenzing Private Equity’s Christian Hamilton has an interest in the open seas that goes well beyond a nice sundeck and tastefully decorated cabin.
Private equity boom investors The Shard

Private equity’s boom time excesses are worrying investors

One highly experienced private equity investor told the Vulture that today's record cash levels and fast-paced dealmaking are causes for concern.
Inflexion Charlie Cannell private equity Chargifi wireless charging

The dealmaker who’s also a technology entrepreneur

Inflexion Private Equity's Charlie Cannell founded wireless charging startup Chargifi, whose backers include Intel and Lovespace founder Brett Akker.

The LPs mixing business with pleasure

Two top executives at Spanish fund-of-funds Altamar have a passion for wine that they've turned into a money-making venture.

Impetus-PEF Triathlon: which private equity firm raised the most money?

Premier athletes from 70 firms convened for the fourth annual triathlon last weekend.
private equity Def Shop Equistone rapper hip hop

Private equity and hip hop? Almost identical

Equistone's recent acquisition in the hip hop world made the Vulture realise how much it has in common with private equity.
private equity appointments Hemsley

Two awkward private equity recruitment decisions

A pair of private equity firms simultaneously appointed the same adviser to work "closely" with them.
Game of Thrones book private equity

How Game of Thrones can help private equity dealmakers

A private equity partner's new book uses the tumultuous world of Westeros to draw out investment and management insights.
gold bars private equity Disruptive Capital rich

“Our business model? Get rich, stay rich”

No coy words about "value creation" or "making an impact" for these unusually frank dealmakers.

Where Neymar’s €222m transfer ranks among M&A activity

The €222m Paris St Germain has paid Barcelona for Neymar is the 30th largest all-time acquisition of a Brazilian target by a French acquirer.
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