private equity women in private equity Napa wine.jpg

Revealed: where (some of) the women in private equity are

"Where are the women in private equity?" is an oft-asked question. But the Vulture thinks that he's finally found the answer.
private equity motorsports Tatuus Wise

How a private equity partner’s taste for fast cars got his firm a deal

Italian private equity firm Wise invested in car chassis manufacturer Tatuus thanks to a partner's passion for motorsports.
private equity polish pop star CVC

The private equity partner who could be a Polish pop star

CVC Poland head Krzysztof Krawczyk shares his name with a moustachioed vocalist icon.
private equity swan lake Serpentine Vulture William de Laszlo Agathos

Surely London’s coolest private equity partner

Agathos managing partner William de Laszlo told this old bird about his liking for chilly Serpentine swims.
BGF cookbook private equity

Why the BGF wants to tell you how to make Thai beef salad

UK growth capital firm the BGF has branched out into the cookbook business in aid of a very good cause.

How far can dealmakers go to understand their portfolio companies

The Vulture is always amazed at the lengths buyout firms will go to to understand their portfolio companies.

The entrepreneurial placement agent that has hit the bottom

When you hit the bottom the only was is up.

From quarterback to dealmaker

Another sporting icon, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, has been making an impact in the industry.
private equity blackmail

No blackmail please, we’re private equity

Jeremy Coller started a story of a former employee's blackmail bid, but was soon stopped in his tracks.
Danny Mills combines football and private equity

Why ex-footballer Danny Mills is a welcome player in private equity

When the worlds of private equity and football collide, it can only be hoped that the best of both will prevail.
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