Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Lost in transit: investor relations partners everywhere

Despite decades of constant travel, CVC's outgoing investor relations partner Marc St John is still recognised by his family – he thinks.

One huge downside to working in private equity in France

Paris traffic difficulties have driven one dealmaker in France to take some extreme – and slightly illicit – measures.
Succession planning private equity villa

Succession planning not a success with juniors

Considerably less than half of private equity professionals below partner level are happy with their firm's succession plans.

From capital calls to a cappella

EQT Partners' chief digital officer Olof Hernell uses his spectacular singing voice in a five-piece a cappella group.

And the prize for scariest deal goes to…

Some people say all private equity dealmakers are bloodsuckers. These ones come closer than most.
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A private equity firm with a surprisingly modest name

Private equity firms tend to be named after their founders or impressive-sounding bits of the natural world. Not this one.

How David Cameron is finding raising a fund

Former UK prime minister Cameron has been criticised for less than impressive results so far with his UK-China investment vehicle.

Five private equity professionals in one family

Silverfleet Capital managing partner Neil McDougall has no less than five family members in or around the industry.

Want a government? Private equity should say “no thanks”

German private equity is having a purple patch – perhaps because the country currently lacks a government.
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These buyout career breaks will make you extremely jealous

The Vulture recently caught up with two private equity professionals who had some exotic adventures this year.
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