Operating partners private equity

Operating partners: the art and science of making your plan, their plan

Andros Payne, founder of consultancy Humatica, explains how operating partners can effect change without formal authority.
private equity recruitment trends 2016 football

Private equity recruitment: developments in 2016 and predictions for 2017

Women in private equity, new firms and the importance of employer brand have all been prominent private equity recruitment topics over the past year.

Protectionism will not stymie Chinese dealmaking

Hogan Lovell's Andrew McGinty explains why China's need to diversify its asset base will see more deal flow in 2017.

Uncertainties kept IPOs dormant in 2016 – but conditions are ripe for a reawakening

At the end of a year of almost unparalleled uncertainty, IPO activity is down and PE’s share of the total has shrunk, too. EY analysis suggests several reasons that explain the drop and also why PE exits are expected to bounce back in 2017.

New VCT regulation is leading to renewed interest in the venture space

Alongside all the adverse effects of new VCT regulation that the VCT industry warned of, some positive effects are being felt – specifically, renewed interest in the classic venture space.

What secular stagnation will mean for you

Secular stagnation is driving competition and innovation in the private equity industry.

The reasons for forex volatility and what to do about it

In the final instalment of a four-part series looking into the impact that forex volatility has on the private equity industry, HiFX’s director of corporate Chris Towner discusses how firms and businesses can build forecasts for 2017 when financial markets are increasingly prone to sharp moves.

Hedging FX risk in the fund

In the third of a four-part series examining the risk that currency volatility poses for private equity, HiFX’s director of corporate Chris Towner explains how firms can manage liquidity when hedging foreign assets held in a fund.

Transactional risk

In the second of a four-part series looking into the forex risks facing private equity managers, HiFX’s director of corporate Chris Towner outlines the exposures firms can face when buying and selling companies in different currencies.

Fail to prepare…

Buyout firms should not wait for a market shock before developing a currency hedging strategy.
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