debt private equity banknote

Private equity debt markets are overheating… again

In a stable market it is lenders who should be selective about the private equity firms they lend to. Not the other way around.
Private equity carried interest carry succession

Why carry can be bad for succession

Carry is meant to encourage long-term team stability, but it often does the exact opposite

Palatine’s impact investment fund sets a precedent

How can the firm's rivals, many of whom are pursuing multi-vehicle strategies, now ignore impact investing?
private equity good news bad news 2016 2017 fireworks

Private equity should not get so bogged down in bad news that it ignores...

Private equity saw some profound upheavals in 2016 but the first two weeks of 2017 have been good ones for the asset class.

All I want for Christmas…

It looks as if 2016 will prove to be another bumper year for the asset class. What more could GPs possibly ask for?

Debt providers’ worries should concern private equity

At the end of November Real Deals hosted the third annual UK Mid-Market Debt.

New tax restrictions are a blessing in disguise for private equity

New restrictions on the tax deductibility of interest in the UK will not be welcomed by private equity initially, but could end up helping the industy in the long run.

What a Trump presidency means for private equity

Private equity fund structures usually shield it from macro-level shifts, but when the world order is so dramatically upended even buyout firms should worry.

Why subscription line finance must be used with care

Subscription line financing is a perfectly legitimate way for GPs to manage cash flows, but if they come to rely on it to prop up returns, LPs should be concerned.

What the US election’s crude populism means for private equity

In less than a month the United States will have elected a new president, and make no mistake, the outcome will have an impact on private equity here in Europe and around the world.
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