Private equity Brexit passporting rights

Private equity’s biggest Brexit threat is losing passporting rights

Losing the option of a passport is not good news for any financial business, private equity included. But managers can at least take some comfort from the fact that total access to all European LPs will not suddenly fall away after Brexit.
debt private equity banknote

Private equity debt markets are overheating… again

In a stable market it is lenders who should be selective about the private equity firms they lend to. Not the other way around.
private equity race class sexuality gender crowd crossing

Private equity needs to talk about race and class as well as gender

Private equity needs improve its gender statistics. But that's not a reason for it to neglect its race, class or sexuality ones.
Rowing private equity Boat Race

Private equity’s Boat Race brothers

If for whatever reason the private equity industry needed to field a rowing crew for this weekend's Boat Race, it wouldn’t be short of...
Article 50

Guest comment: What to expect from negotiations as Article 50 is activated

As the Prime Minister triggers Article 50, beginning the process of the UK’s departure from the EU, WA Investor Services sets out what we can expect as Brexit negotiations kick off.
private equity women in private equity Napa wine.jpg

Revealed: where (some of) the women in private equity are

"Where are the women in private equity?" is an oft-asked question. But the Vulture thinks that he's finally found the answer.

The problem that technology poses for buyout strategies

Mature companies that buyout firms have backed traditionally are now reaching the point of proven profitability much more rapidly because of technology.

Time for private equity to go on the defensive?

Private equity has enjoyed a period of almost unprecedented success, but it may be time for the asset class to start thinking defensively.
private equity motorsports Tatuus Wise

How a private equity partner’s taste for fast cars got his firm a deal

Italian private equity firm Wise invested in car chassis manufacturer Tatuus thanks to a partner's passion for motorsports.
private equity polish pop star CVC

The private equity partner who could be a Polish pop star

CVC Poland head Krzysztof Krawczyk shares his name with a moustachioed vocalist icon.
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