Monday, August 20, 2018

Don’t worry, the EIF still loves (some of) you

UK private equiteers have been a bit anxious since the Brexit vote as it could mean bon voyage to EIF cheques. But an EIB investment in Scotland offers some comfort.

In with the old: investing in traditional industries

Private equity firms focusing too much on tech-enabled deals risk missing out on opportunities in old economy sectors.

How to reinvigorate a stalled portfolio company

What to do when a portfolio company's progress has stalled and you need to step in to prevent the malaise from spreading further.
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An unstoppable force: private equity fund manager M&A

The biggest barrier to consolidation among private equity fund managers is their tendency to be “proudly idiosyncratic”, but attitudes are changing.

Are you up to speed with “due diligence 2.0”?

Analysing ten million lines of data in ten days is the new normal in due diligence, according to OC&C's Tom Gladstone.
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Lost in transit: investor relations partners everywhere

Despite decades of constant travel, CVC's outgoing investor relations partner Marc St John is still recognised by his family – he thinks.

One huge downside to working in private equity in France

Paris traffic difficulties have driven one dealmaker in France to take some extreme – and slightly illicit – measures.
Succession planning private equity villa

Succession planning not a success with juniors

Considerably less than half of private equity professionals below partner level are happy with their firm's succession plans.

From capital calls to a cappella

EQT Partners' chief digital officer Olof Hernell uses his spectacular singing voice in a five-piece a cappella group.

Brexit: why suspense is worse than disappointment

Michael Collins, chief executive officer of Invest Europe, believes private equity firms are capable of overcoming the uncertainty of Brexit.
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