Are you up to speed with “due diligence 2.0”?

Analysing ten million lines of data in ten days is the new normal in due diligence, according to OC&C's Tom Gladstone.
private-equity-investor relations-travel-CVC-suitcases

Lost in transit: investor relations partners everywhere

Despite decades of constant travel, CVC's outgoing investor relations partner Marc St John is still recognised by his family – he thinks.

One huge downside to working in private equity in France

Paris traffic difficulties have driven one dealmaker in France to take some extreme – and slightly illicit – measures.
Succession planning private equity villa

Succession planning not a success with juniors

Considerably less than half of private equity professionals below partner level are happy with their firm's succession plans.

From capital calls to a cappella

EQT Partners' chief digital officer Olof Hernell uses his spectacular singing voice in a five-piece a cappella group.

Brexit: why suspense is worse than disappointment

Michael Collins, chief executive officer of Invest Europe, believes private equity firms are capable of overcoming the uncertainty of Brexit.

And the prize for scariest deal goes to…

Some people say all private equity dealmakers are bloodsuckers. These ones come closer than most.
Private-equity- B& -Capital-tortoise

A private equity firm with a surprisingly modest name

Private equity firms tend to be named after their founders or impressive-sounding bits of the natural world. Not this one.

Realising the commercial value of ESG

Anthesis Group’s Tim Clare says those who only see ESG as necessary for meeting LP requirements are missing out on the commercial value it creates.

How David Cameron is finding raising a fund

Former UK prime minister Cameron has been criticised for less than impressive results so far with his UK-China investment vehicle.
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