Gresham private equity locust grasshopper logo

The private equity investor with a surprising logo

Gresham House Strategic's emblem is surely a grasshopper and not... a locust?
private equity fundraising plank

“Reinvest in our private equity fund – or walk the plank”

A particularly cutthroat new private equity fundraising tactic might just be worth a try.
Essling Capital private equity name

Essling: the new French private equity firm that’s unusually competitive

The name of new French private equity firm Essling Capital comes from a title given to a war hero by Napoleon after a savage battle.
Private equity Bible

The private equity investment principles in the Bible

Some parts of private equity back the Bible's charitable sentiments, while more materialistic verses may suit others better.
KPMG private equity colouring-in

KPMG’s passion for colouring-in

Documents obtained by Real Deals reveal that the advisory firm has some surprisingly juvenile expenses.
Private equity skiing Livingbridge

Private equity partner discovers skiing’s perils

Get well soon Mark Advani, partner Livingbridge, who recently broke his arm in a nasty skiing tumble.
private equity birthday

It’s your birthday and you work in private equity? Roundtable time!

For the most devoted members of the private equity industry, there ain’t no birthday party like a private equity roundtable party.
snap election

What the UK snap election means for private equity investors

Investors will hope that if Theresa May can increase her majority in Parliament, policymaking will become more stable.
Ex-Lone Star executive Randy Work fails in divorce case

A private equity investor does not a genius make, rules UK court

Former Lone Star executive Randy Work has failed to challenge the divide of wealth in his divorce, after judges rule his work did not require "some exceptional and individual quality".
Private equity Brexit passporting rights

Private equity’s biggest Brexit threat is losing passporting rights

Losing the option of a passport is not good news for any financial business, private equity included. But managers can at least take some comfort from the fact that total access to all European LPs will not suddenly fall away after Brexit.
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