Friday, February 24, 2017

The entrepreneurial placement agent that has hit the bottom

When you hit the bottom the only was is up.

From quarterback to dealmaker

Another sporting icon, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young, has been making an impact in the industry.
private equity blackmail

No blackmail please, we’re private equity

Jeremy Coller started a story of a former employee's blackmail bid, but was soon stopped in his tracks.
Danny Mills combines football and private equity

Why ex-footballer Danny Mills is a welcome player in private equity

When the worlds of private equity and football collide, it can only be hoped that the best of both will prevail.
private equity north/south divide Yorkshire

Private equity investor takes a pop at Yorkshire

Real Deals Mid-Market 2017 conference suggested there's some private equity north/south prejudice out there – and in more than one European country.
OpCapita rebrand

OpCapita or Opcapital? This private equity firm should welcome some inadvertent rebranding

Given the damage done to OpCapita’s brand by the Comet deal, getting a new name might be a good idea – even if through a mistake.
Private equity carried interest carry succession

Why carry can be bad for succession

Carry is meant to encourage long-term team stability, but it often does the exact opposite
Battle of the Billionaires: Trump v Schwarzman

Private equity billionaire Schwarzman versus new boss President Trump

Straight-talking Blackstone chair Schwarzman has found favour with thin-skinned President Trump. What could go wrong?
financiers private equity

Why “financiers” are the perfect cakes for private equity dealmakers

Dealmakers, it seems, have never had enough time to enjoy a good meal.

Palatine’s impact investment fund sets a precedent

How can the firm's rivals, many of whom are pursuing multi-vehicle strategies, now ignore impact investing?
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