Proportion of senior women in private equity still low, confirms new research

The proportion of senior roles in private equity held by women remains very low, according to new research from Preqin. According to the private equity data provider, just 9 per cent of senior figures in the industry are female.

The figure is slightly lower than the equivalent proportion reported in March 2016 by the data provider, which said then that between 10.2 per cent and 11.9 per cent of senior private equity employees were female, depending on region.

Preqin’s figures for junior and mid-level roles in private equity are more encouraging, with 26 per cent and 22 per cent of these positions respectively being held by women.

When compared to other parts of the alternative assets space, such as venture capital, hedge funds and private debt, private equity’s proportions of female employees across all levels of seniority are nearly all lower or no higher than equivalent figures for these sectors, Preqin also found.