NVM invests £3m in Knowledgemotion

NVM Private Equity has invested £3m (€3.4m) in video platform business Knowledgemotion.

Knowledgemotion operates Boclips, a platform which provides education providers with access to video clips. It is the largest library for education in the world, with content from the likes of the BBC, Bloomberg and Getty Images.

Knowledgemotion uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to map clips to curricula and courses used by education providers.

“As the education sector digitises it has come to understand how crucial the role video will play in making learning more engaging and effective. NVM’s investment will help us realise our goal of becoming the global marketplace for educational video – whether 2D, 3D, VR or AR,” said Knowledgemotion chief executive David Bainbridge.

This is the second video-enabled business NVM has backed following the investment in Channel Mum in September.




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