Next Wave Partners and Capital Croissance have established an international alliance to help growth capital firms support portfolio companies internationally.

The Small World Private Equity Alliance will consist of a group of like-minded growth investors and help management teams and investment professionals to benefit from each other’s local expertise and networks. The aim is to provide small firms with the scale and benefits that would otherwise only be available to large buyout houses.

Next Wave and Capital Croissance, a Paris-based buyout capital investor with a fund of €76m, are the first members of the group. Discussions are ongoing with potential alliance partner firms in China, USA, Germany and Spain.

“International expansion has been a key driver of our portfolio companies’ growth in value over recent years and we believe that forming a close alliance with like-minded growth capital investors around the world will be a major advantage going forward,” Next Wave partner Carolyn Maddox said.

Over the years mid-market houses have formed similar networks to help build international contacts and share knowledge.

Inflexion Private Equity and MBO Partenaires pool resources to develop infrastructure abroad to support portfolio companies.

Innova Capital, Capiton, Turkven and FSN Capital are members of the Global PE Alliance, a group of firms that share expertise and contacts. Graphite Capital, Activa Capital, ECM and MCH are part of the Private Equity Network, which offers similar benefits.