Eaton Partners, the US-based placement agent, has launched a dedicated team to raise capital for global direct investment opportunities.

The team will work with management teams, independent sponsors and general partners to raise capital for pre-specified, singular investments.

Over the last six months, Eaton Partners has raised nearly $500 million for four direct investment opportunities in the financial services, power and energy sectors. It is seeking new mandates to raise at least $50 million for direct and co-investment opportunities.

“When Charlie Eaton founded the firm 34 years ago, alternative investments were a new frontier for institutional investors,” said Chrystalle Anstett, managing director at Eaton Partners. “Today, those institutions have grown in sophistication to the point where they are complementing and, in some cases, replacing their commingled fund investments with direct investments into private companies and other tangible assets.”

Eaton also has a dedicated secondaries advisory team which focuses on fund restructurings, recapitalisations, sales of GP interests and secondary LP interest purchases and sales.

The firm was bought out by Stifel Financial, a mid-market investment bank, in January last year. It has four offices across the US, two Asia offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and a Europe office in London.