Aurelius snaps up Calumet Photographic and Bowens Lighting

Mid-market investor Aurelius has announced its acquisition of Calumet International, the holding company comprising Calumet Photographic and Bowens Lighting

Calumet Photographic is a multi-channel retailer of branded and own-label photography equipment and services, with 17 locations across the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Bowens Lighting is a UK-headquartered brand of professional studio and lighting equipment, and its products are sold in Calumet stores and by other specialist distributors.

“We are confident that, by providing the current management team with the financial and hands-on operational support to implement their development plan, we can capitalise on the opportunity created by the ongoing growth in the high-end segment of the photography market,” said Tristan Nagler, managing director of Aurelius’ UK team.

In 2015, the two businesses recorded combined revenues of €110m.


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