Europe’s 10 most desired small buyout firms

Setter Capital, a Toronto-based adviser that works with institutional investors and fund managers, has compiled a ranking of the most sought-after European buyout firms with funds of less than $500m (€445.8m).

The rankings are based on how sought-after and saleable the most recent funds of the managers are in the secondary market.

The top ten managers, and their most recent vehicles, at the end of Q3 2015 are:

1. Herkules – Herkules Private Equity Fund IV (2013)

2. Afinum – AFINUM VII (2013)

3. Capiton – Capiton IV (2009)

4. MCH Iberian Capital – MCH Iberian Fund III (2008)

5. Norvestor Equity AS – Norvestor VI (2012)

6. Polaris – Polaris III (2009)

7. Lyceum Capital – Lyceum Capital Fund III (2013) 

8. Stirling Square Capital – Stirling Square Capital Partners II (2008)

9. Avedon Capital Partners – NIBC Growth Capital Fund II (2011)

10. 21 Centrale Partners –   21 Centrale Partners IV

For a list of the next ten most-sought after European buyout firms with funds of less than $500m (€445.8m) and the full report from Setter Capital, click here.