13 December

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Why the private equity fundraising cycle is accelerating; debt dry powder hits a record high

Impact’s gender bend

Women are better represented in impact investing than private equity. But as impact goes mainstream its gender balance could be at risk

Q&A: Arti Bareja

ClearlySo’s Arti Bareja tells the story of her journey into social impact investing, and discusses where the sector stands

Q&A: Justin Partington

Justin Partington explains how technology is transforming the way private equity firms interact with LPs

Lessons learned

LPs are concerned about the impact of trade wars on returns, but private equity is ready to ride out the storm; NVM closes debut LP fund

UK Mid-Market Debt

A round-up of all the key discussions that emerged at the recent UK Mid-Market Debt conference

Tax, drugs and rock ‘N Roll

EYs Bridget Walsh explores the drivers behind the life sciences M&A boom and how dealmakers can package deals in the best way

Deals in brief

A summary of all the key deals from the past few weeks


The end of an era as MacDougall and Hanson call time; Sinding takes charge at EQT


Trust me, I’m in healthcare; competitive fun