20 September 2018


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Learning process

Transaction multiples are at record highs but bilateral deals and failed auctions are also on the rise. GPs and advisers meet to try and make sense of it all

How to win an auction

With the proprietary deal a thing of myth, how can firms improve their odds of winning processes?

Why exit attempts fail

It may be a hot market flush with cash, yet some processes are still falling over

Twice as nice

Initiating a dual track process when considering an IPO exit may seem like the perfect insurance policy. But is it worth the hassle and risk?

Try time

CVC’s initial offer for Premiership rugby has been turned down, but investor interest in professional sports is on the up

Lehman learnings

A decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, private equity veterans recall the dark days that followed and discuss the long-term impact on the asset class

Fundraising: Back to school

Lessons from GPs and advisers who have recently been on the road


McCormick’s Bowmark move; a new partner at Sherpa Capital


Why corporate finance is like Love Island, but without the abs