12 July 2018

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Private equity’s billion dollar club grows; putting the “G” back into ESG

Getting flexible

Demand for flexible office space is soaring. Private equity has been quick to take advantage

A family affair

CVC’s investment in Recordati is the latest example of private equity stepping in to facilitate succession at one of Italy’s great family businesses

The buy-and-build boom

Why more private equity firms are doing more buy-and-build deals than ever; CMBOR data shows a drop in private equity exits

Beavertown blues

Why private equity never stood a chance with Beavertown; double delight for Polaris with Louis Poulsen

Linux love affair

EQT pays $2.5bn for software group SUSE; why new entrant Core Equity is turning heads

In with the old

Private equity firms focusing too much on tech-enabled deals risk  missing out on opportunities in “old economy” sectors

Deals in brief

A look at all the deals from the last few weeks

Counting carry

How to benchmark your carry package against your rivals


Achleitner joins Investcorp advisory board; Brent makes Epiris move


Business as usual; family ties; hospitality please