Saturday, July 22, 2017

Re-incentivising management

When management's shares are underwater, great care needs to be taken to relight their fire, writes Malcolm MacDougall of Speechly Bircham.

Delivery of the Holy Trinity

When profit growth, cash generation and P/E arbitrage come together the results can be highly lucrative, writes Steve Currie of Catalyst Corporate Finance.

Sing up, lest you become a zombie

Firms which must compete hardest for capital need to focus their efforts on standing out from the crowd, argues Piers Hooper of Equus Group.

Treasury shares: an additional “warehousing” option?

Private equity-backed companies could benefit from changes to the Companies Act, writes Catherine Eley of Eversheds.

Choosing Guernsey

Fiona Le Poidevin, Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance, explains why private equity keeps domiciling its funds on the island.

Jersey and the AIFM directive

Jersey is in the perfect position to provide certainty and flexibility in a post-AIFMD world.

The M&A confidence paradox

An improvement in mood and opportunities is not yet leading to action, says Jon Hughes of Ernst & Young.

Credit risk management

Michael Feldwick at Tinubu Square explains how to keep credit risk management under control and ensure a smooth transition during M&A.

If you’re selling a business, think carefully and strategically

Private equity is desperate for exits, but needs to take the rights steps to ensure it can sell.


Doing deals in the Grand Duchy, an English lawyer's perspective.
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