due diligence private equity

Understanding the changing dynamics of due diligence

Frustrated by “tick-box” exercises and unreliable vendor-led projects, private equity firms are demanding more of their due diligence providers.
private equity brexit

Brexit roundtable: private equity firms keep calm and carry on

Eighteen months on from one of the most momentous political shifts in recent history, nine private equity executives discuss how Brexit is affecting the asset class.
alternative credit

Alternative credit roundtable

Lenders, dealmakers and advisers discuss the change that alternative credit has driven in the wider acquisition finance market.

Diligent due diligence: A group of experts discuss assessing deal targets

Due diligence used to be an exercise in ticking all the boxes and uncovering any deal-breaking risks. As the buyout market has become more competitive and sophisticated, however, GPs have come to demand more.

How ABL lenders are helping private equity firms

A panel of bankers and GPs met recently to discuss where ABL stands today, how its debt products are being used by private equity firms, and what its future holds.

Debt partnerships with a difference

Debt markets are evolving rapidly and banks are responding by working with institutional funds to provide finance for buyouts. A panel of bankers, investors and advisers discuss how these partnerships will work and how they can change the market.

Risk & Reward

General partners from across the buyout industry reflect on why risk can no longer be left to management teams, what impact it can have on returns if not handled properly, and what to do when things go wrong.

The value of a good workplace

Real Deals recently met with a team of bankers from Baird to discuss, the value that a good workplace can generate for clients and what it takes to attract and retain young talent.

Paying the dues

Traditionally due diligence was used to uncover deal-breaking risks. As the buyout market has matured, however, GPs are demanding much more from the process.

Private equity value-add: fact or fiction?

The buyout industry has always positioned itself as a partner that can take a company to the next stage of growth. Advisers, chairmen and GPs gather to separate myth from reality.
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