Tuesday, February 20, 2018
pensions private equity

How private equity can tackle the age old issue of pensions

Following the collapse of UK retailer BHS last year, pensions became a hot button topic for the government and dealmakers alike. As a result,...
private equity data

GPs are finally starting to harness the power of data

Private equity firms are shedding their Luddite reputations and utilising data and technology in ways that were previously unimaginable.
buy and build

Buy and build: private equity’s favourite value creation strategy

In an increasingly expensive and mature market, buy-and-build strategies will continue to proliferate.
fund restructurings

How GP-led fund restructurings entered the mainstream

After much hype, GP-led fund restructurings have finally arrived in earnest. And they may be the secondary market’s last golden opportunity of this cycle.

Carve-outs offer great potential for private equity

The last year has seen a number of high-profile corporate carve-outs come to market. Private equity firms have been eager acquirers of these unloved assets.
corporate finance boutique

The rise of the corporate finance boutique

The merger between Alantra and Catalyst Corporate Finance demonstrates how independent operators have adapted their approach to gain a greater share of the private equity advisory market.

What I’ve learnt: Andrea Bonomi, Investindustrial

Andrea Bonomi, Investindustrial's founder and managing principal, explains why buy-and-build is key to the asset class's future.
Mid Europa Partners

What I’ve learnt: Robert Knorr and Matthew Strassberg, Mid Europa

Mid Europa co-managing partners Robert Knorr and Matthew Strassberg explain why they think the asset class will bifurcate in the future.
Nazo Moosa

What I’ve learnt: Nazo Moosa, VT Partners

Former Carlyle dealmaker and VT Partners co-founder Nazo Moosa discusses the rise of growth capital and sector specialists.

What I’ve learnt: Andrew Hawkins and Ricardo Lombardi, ICG

ICG's head of private equity solutions Andrew Hawkins and managing director Ricardo Lombardi reflect on the industry's rise from modest beginnings.
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