Private equity in Finland benefits from stability

Finland’s stability proves attractive to private equity as uncertainty rattles Europe

After several years of lacklustre economic performance, Finland’s private equity scene is benefitting from the country’s stable stoicism.

NorthEdge eyes a sugar-free success story

The firm’s investment in soft beverages company Clearly Drinks looks set to benefit from the upcoming sugar tax.

Abac hopes to get Spain in shape with PronoKal acquisition

PronoKal now has sales in excess of €42m and presence in 15 countries in Europe and Latin America, with a patient base of over 300,000 people and more than 2,500 prescribing doctors.

MVision’s Mounir Guen explains why private equity fundraising remains strong

Some commentators feel private equity fundraising is peaking but MVision founder Mounir Guen says the market is still strong.

Lloyds Bank’s Stephen Quinn on the state of fund finance

The newly appointed global head of financial sponsors discusses the evolution of fund finance, using facilities to boost IRRs and the importance of transparency with LPs.
cyber security

GPs under pressure to meet stiffer cyber security rules

As regulators and investors pay ever closer attention to how buyout houses are addressing cyber security, general partners need to show that they have auditable security structures in place

5 reasons why private equity fundraising is peaking

For the last three years private equity managers have enjoyed one of the friendliest fundraising markets in living memory. Although LP appetite for the asset class is still strong, there are signs that the party could be coming to an end.

What private equity’s love of tough sports reveals about the industry

The passion some private equity dealmakers have for sports, particularly tough endurance events, has parallels in their working lives.
Blockchain and private equity

Blockchain is helping private equity to push out the weak links

Thanks to Northern Trust, private equity and blockchain have finally crossed paths. With the potential to introduce huge efficiency savings, it should be right up managers’ streets.
impact investment

Going mainstream: how private equity firms can approach impact investment

Real Deals attended the Impact Investing World Forum last month to gauge the latest trends from this burgeoning sector.
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