Digital due diligence

Meelimari Arro explains why digital is more than just your website, how Palladium found their due diligence niche, what they’ve learned and how to keep up with digitally-savvy competitors.
Brandon Hire

Q&A: Mark Billige, UK managing partner, Simon-Kucher

Mark Billige, the UK managing partner of Simon-Kucher, a consultancy specialising in top line growth, reveals how his firm has worked with portfolio companies to deliver double-digit earnings increases within weeks of taking on private equity ownership.

Private Equity by Numbers

When your job involves analysing the UK private equity marketplace to provide “in-play insights”, it’s important to take stock and look at the bigger trends.

Catching up: late stage venture in Europe

Fundraising targeting late stage technology deals in Europe is on the up. While the sector is currently dominated by a select few investors, this is likely to become a more crowded market in coming years.

Unlikely partnership: private equity and manufacturing

Buyout firms have never been the biggest fans of the high fixed costs and cyclicality that come with manufacturing deals. Since the financial crisis, however, private equity investment in the sector has surged.

Q&A: Scott Ulnick, Tom Bottomley and Martina Bozadzhieva, DuckerFrontier

DuckerFrontier’s Scott Ulnick, Tom Bottomley and Martina Bozadzhieva discuss the changing due diligence needs of dealmakers in a competitive market and how to make decisions against an uncertain macroeconomic backdrop.
due diligence

Under the hood: how due diligence is changing

The range of due diligence services available to GPs has proliferated in recent years as firms seek new angles to gain comfort, or an edge, in competitive processes where assets are trading for high multiples. GPs and advisers sit down to discuss the evolution of the service.

Location, impact and mega-growth mindset drive European venture

Real Deals looks at the three key themes influencing the industry's direction of travel.

Five areas gaining the most venture capital interest

Venture fundraising and deal activity soared in 2018. But where are managers deploying their swelling warchests? Real Deals runs the rule over five sectors where investor interest is at its hottest.

Crazy for co-invest

LP appetite for co-invest deal flow has never been stronger. The rewards are tempting, but managers and investors should exercise care before getting carried away with the hype.
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