Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why private equity is warming to manufacturing

Manufacturing has not been a favoured sector of buyout firms, but deal activity is picking up thanks to technology and a pivot towards value-add services.

Nexxus Iberia aims to bridge the gap between Spain and Latin America

The joint venture, led by former 3i dealmaker Maite Ballester, is raising €200m to invest in small and mid-sized Spanish companies with the potential to grow in Latin America.

Meet the firm that plans to disrupt the private equity market

Newcomer Capital D is pursuing an investment strategy which combines classic private equity and operational skills with innovative digital techniques.
France state investment private equity soldiers

State investment inaction from Macron disappoints French private equity

Some in the industry hoped presidential reforms would reach state funds like Bpifrance and parent Caisse des Dépôt.
Lower mid-market Race Bottom GP

Race to the bottom: Why large managers are dipping into the lower mid-market

Mid-market firms are taking advantage of a highly favourable fundraising market to target smaller deals through dedicated funds. But how successful will these lower mid-market endeavours be?
olivier millet

Olivier Millet has high hopes for France’s private equity industry

Olivier Millet, head of Eurazeo PME and chairman of the newly rebranded trade body France Invest, believes the election of Emmanuel Macron has reinvigorated the French business community.

Investment opportunity in Wales is on the up

Rhian Elston, from the Development Bank of Wales, explains why private equity and corporates are taking notice of investment opportunities in Wales.
LP rise growing

The rise of the ever-growing LP

It’s far from a new phenomenon, but LPs are bulking up their deal teams and diversifying their investment initiatives – and private equity firms...
pensions private equity

How private equity can tackle the age old issue of pensions

Following the collapse of UK retailer BHS last year, pensions became a hot button topic for the government and dealmakers alike. As a result,...
Brexit private equity people empty desk

UK private equity faces Brexit brain drain and juniors shortage

8 in ten of EU citizens in UK private equity want to emigrate after the Brexit vote. Meanwhile the recruitment pool is shrinking.
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