Monday, August 20, 2018

Behind the scenes of private equity attempts to save Gaucho

Gaucho is in administration and on the block again. A number of private equity firms are bidding and could rescue the business. Real Deals takes a detailed look at the parties involved and what will be needed to rescue the steak restaurant.

When will banks regain power in the mid-market?

Mid-market private equity firms in Europe looking for debt finance have rarely had it so good. Change in lenders’ favour is coming – but when?

How private equity is trying to resuscitate retail

Many of the biggest names in retail are struggling to remain solvent, but turnaround and growth-orientated firms believe crisis will always bring opportunity. 

Why private equity never stood a chance with Beavertown

Buyout firms can struggle to win over businesses like craft brewer Beavertown, which recently sold Heineken a stake instead of going down the private equity route.

Why the carried interest model could be dying out

Veteran private equity dealmaker Andrew Hartley and MJ Hudson managing partner Eamon Devlin reflect on whether the carried interest remuneration model is still fit for purpose.

Why private equity wants a bigger bite of flexible workspace

Emboldened by investments in the flexible workspace sector, lower mid-market firms are now looking to come in on the action, with two recent deals standing out.

How to benchmark your carry package against the market

Private Equity Recruitment's Gail McManus explains why a universal metric for measuring carry is essential and outlines a methodology for benchmarking your compensation against the market

In with the old: investing in traditional industries

Private equity firms focusing too much on tech-enabled deals risk missing out on opportunities in old economy sectors.

Why Capstone launched in London post-Brexit

Capstone’s Managing Partner Louis de Saint-Marcq and Associate Partner Lucien Cipollone discuss the firm’s reasons for launching in London post-Brexit and the balance of power in the fundraising market.

Is private equity fundraising finally slowing down?

After a period of unprecedented growth, private equity fundraising is showing signs of cooling off.
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