Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Strong private equity industry says no to IPOs

Private equity's IPO tally is down as public markets overall revive. This is a sign of health in the asset class.
private equity brexit

Brexit roundtable: private equity firms keep calm and carry on

Eighteen months on from one of the most momentous political shifts in recent history, nine private equity executives discuss how Brexit is affecting the asset class.
alternative waterfalls carry

GPs turn to alternative carry waterfalls to win talent

In a bid to retain top talent and appeal to sophisticated LPs, some private equity houses are offering LPs a choice of waterfall carry structures.
mid market debt

Out of pocket: the mid-market push for debt

It may be a time of plenty, but lower mid-market firms still face challenges when it comes to securing debt.

The wall of money: how excess liquidity is affecting lender behaviour

Speak to anyone in the private capital market and they will tell you the same thing: it is awash with capital and competition between...
private equity debt lender incentivisation man calculator

How lender paychecks affect private equity debt packages

Lender incentivisation is very different at banks and funds. This impacts the availability and flexibility of loans to private equity.

TMF: the colourful story of one of 2017’s biggest deals

Exotic origins, a big gamble that paid off, and an IPO gazumped by a surprise multibillion euro bid are all parts of the TMF tale.

Cinven eyes ambitious buy-and-build play for Planasa

Cinven acquired Spanish family-owned berry business Planasa last month in a €450m deal and hopes to capitalise on increasing demand for health and wellness products.

In theory: how corporate governance contributes to private equity outperformance

Academic and funds lawyer Simon Witney argues that traditional explanations for private equity success are not sufficient.
Lloyds-of-London-insurance-private equity

Private equity’s insurance gamble

The insurance industry has been reluctant to embrace change. Private equity firms have the potential to drive the sector's transformation.
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