How EMK made 15x money from its investment in QA

During EMK Capital’s transformative hold of IT training company QA the business grew Ebitda from £2m to £55m. A behind-the-scenes look at one of the most successful mid-market private equity deals in recent years.

What LPs really think about a portfolio company re-buyout

As competition for assets heats up, re-investing in a company previously exited is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. LPs and advisers share their thoughts on the rise of the re-buyout.

Making Artsana a leader in diabetes management

A new acquisition by Investindustrial’s PIC is another step in the firm's transformation of healthcare conglomerate Artsana.

Q&A: Chris Merry, Ipes chief executive

A few weeks before Apex Group's acquisition of Ipes, chief executive Chris Merry sat down with Real Deals to discuss how the business has grown with the private equity industry and why buyout firms just love to back fund administrators.
private equity

An unstoppable force: private equity fund manager M&A

The biggest barrier to consolidation among private equity fund managers is their tendency to be “proudly idiosyncratic”, but attitudes are changing.
Sherpa Capital

Sherpa Capital sees opportunity in the Spanish lower mid-market

Madrid-based Sherpa Capital made its name in special situations but has now secured €150m for its first growth capital fund.

Funds of funds take a deeper dive into the mid-market

The popularity of funds of funds pales in comparison to the attention these vehicles were receiving a decade ago. Now, some managers are changing tack to focus on the lower end of the market.

Post-merger ESO has ambitious plans to provide both debt and equity

Private equity firm mergers are rare but there are potentially powerful synergies behind ESO Capital's acquisition of Core.
private equity auctions

How private equity investors are handling highly competitive auction processes

GPs must move earlier, quicker – and beware of some questionable tactics being employed by vendors.

Grant Paul-Florence, Octopus Investments

Grant Paul-Florence, head of Intermediate Capital at Octopus Investments, discusses the benefits of a debt-and-equity strategy in the "neglected" UK lower mid-market.
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