If you are an active Real Deals subscriber, iPad and other tablet editions of the magazine are provided at no additional cost – using your realdeals.eu.com login details.

For those who don’t currently subscribe, individual issues are available to download for $99 (for non-US app stores, the equivalent currency charges will apply). 

How do I create a Real Deals account?

Your tablet account is activated as soon as you start your subscription. 

How do I download the Real Deals app?

Just follow the below links to install on your device: 

What is my username? 

To simplify things – your user name and password are the same as you have for Real Deals website. If you have forgotten you password, just contact us

I am having difficulties downloading the magazine.

To download and view issues click the download tab under each issue cover. For the fastest download speed please ensure that you are connected to a wi-fi network.

If you are having any other problems please contact Steve Walsh at +44  (0)20 7045 7586 / or email.

On which devices is this app available?

This app is designed for:

– iPads and iPhones running iOS and iOS 7 

– Devices running Android 4.0 and up (including Kindle Fire)

Can I download individual issues without being a subscriber?

Yes, you can. The price per issue is $99 (for non-US app stores, the equivalent currency charges will apply). 


We’d love to hear your thoughts – please drop us a line at subscriptions@realdeals.eu.com